Login to your online account.

Go to "Other Tools".


Click On "Surveys".


Click on "Create New Survey".


Fill out the Survey Title and Description. Also choose if you want the responses to be "Anonymous".


Now add the questions you are wanting to ask of the community. 

Note: You can choose from Multiple Choice (Text), Essay style or Multiple Choice (Pictures).


To add another question, choose "Add New Question".


When your survey is ready, hit "Create Survey".


This will bring up a window asking you which homeowners you would like to share the survey with. 

Note: You can choose all by checking the box at the top.

When done selecting the homeowners, click "Select" to make your Survey active.


To View the Results of (any) survey, go to "Other Tools" and "Surveys" and choose the Survey you wish to view and hit "View Results".


The "Actions" button on the upper right will give you the ability to Edit, Close, Export or Delete the Survey.